Hi. My name is Kate.

Oak Leaf Wellness is the result of many years of searching for answers to my ongoing health issues. Energy, skin, gut issues, hormonal imbalances, thyroid, you name it. I have been there. I have learned that healing is not linear. It's a process. Sometimes it's a zigzag, it has ups and downs and maybe even some loops here and there. Understanding this about healing process is invaluable.

Since I have come across holistic approach to health, I made it my mission to help women feel like themselves again. As women, we do so much for others that often we forget about ourselves. It's time to feel healthy, strong, energized, and happy again.


Services I Offer

In my life's story, I once thought I was pretty healthy, living a good, wholesome life. But everything changed when I became a mom. Suddenly, I was hit with all sorts of health problems – hormones out of whack, feeling tired all the time, gut issues, you name it. I just thought it was normal for moms to feel this way and kept on going, silently struggling.

Then, it got even darker when my mom, who's my rock, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Seeing her going through cancer made my own health problems feel even heavier. But in that tough time, I found a spark inside me, a feeling like I was meant for something more. (By the way, my mom's doing great now!)

So, I went searching for answers. That's when I stumbled upon functional medicine and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) program. I threw myself into learning about it, and I eventually became an FDN Practitioner.

Through all the studying and soul-searching, I realized something big: stress was at the root of all my health issues – and probably yours too! I was determined to take back control of my health, so I dove into holistic ways of healing, trying to find what worked for me.

And guess what? It worked! Not only did I get my energy back, but I found my calling too – helping others do the same. My own journey lit a fire in me to guide people toward feeling better and living their best lives.

I'm not a doctor, though. I'm more like your health buddy, your guide on this journey to feeling great again. I listen, I understand, and together, we figure out what's going on with your body and how to get to the bottom of your health issues.

Whether it's hormones, gut issues, feeling run-down, or just too much stress, I'm here to help you tap into your body's natural ability to heal. Let's keep it simple and get you back to feeling like yourself again – vibrant, healthy, and ready to take on the world.

So, if you're tired of feeling tired, stressed, or just not quite right, let's chat. Together, we'll uncover what's been holding you back and get you on track to feeling amazing again.